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Karcher PUZZI 10/1

Karcher PUZZI 10/1 Review We are doing this Karcher PUZZI 10/1 carpet cleaner for the sole purpose – this is one of the best carpet cleaners available on the market. The Karcher PUZZI 10/1 carpet...


Shark S3901

Shark S3901 Review The Shark S3901 is one of the best steam cleaners available on the market right now. Based on the consumer ratings, it is the steam cleaner with great value. Amazon users have...


Ryobi RPT4545M

Ryobi RPT4545M It’s a superb trimmer and slashes and trims well, not any complaints there. However, I was slightly disappointed when I realised it could not be shortened towards similar length...


Vax P86-P4-T Professional Review

Vax P86-P4-T Professional Review Determined not to get another over-priced, underpowered Karcher, it came into a choice between a Bosch and a Vax. The similarly price tagged Bosch is well made, only...


TEKNIX TKRC100B Professional Review

TEKNIX TKRC100B Professional Review We have had this oven 3 weeks now and am very happy with my purchase. I chose it because doing so was the right size for my space, because I could connect it up to...